Disc Golf - All Weather Family Fun

By Leann Rich January 26, 2021

Disc golf is a great way to mix family fun with some outdoor exercise. If you like hiking, friendly competition, exploring new parks, then disc golf is a fun option for your family.

Disc golf is similar to traditional golf, except you use discs or frisbees instead of balls and clubs. You throw your disc towards the metal cage and count how many throws it takes to get there. The goal is to get the disc in the basket in as few throws as possible. 

Finding the Discs

  • Stop in any sporting goods store and look for discs. You can play with a single disc, but most players opt for two (a driver and a putter) the driver for long distance throws, and a putter for shorter distances. 
  • You do need at least one disc per person. 

Teaching Kids to Play

  • With kids it's best to start playing catch with the discs to get a feel for how far they go and how to throw them. 
  • On the course, the adults can start at the longer distances, and kids can join in when you get closer to the baskets
  • Keeping score isn't necessary, celebrate when the kids make their baskets

Disc Course Safety

  • Players should stay behind when someone is throwing a disc, and pay attention to your surroundings
  • If a faster group approaches, just as in mini golf, let them play through

Have Fun!

Disc golf is played year round, if you are looking for ways to get out in the winter time bundle up and try a short game!

Local Courses

Austintown Township Park
6000 Kirk Rd, Austintown

Boardman Park
375 Boardman Poland Rd., Boardman

Wick Park
260 Park Ave, Youngstown

Mauthe Park Struthers
156 Smithfield St., Struthers

Metropark Farm Disc Golf Course
7574 Columbiana-Canfield Rd., Canfield

Berlin Lake Dam Disc Golf Course
2016 Bonner Rd., Deerfield

The Osprey Disc Golf Course | Lake Milton State Park
16801 Mahoning Ave., Lake Milton