Adventure Camp | Boardman Park

By Leann Rich April 9, 2019

There are a lot of options for kids over the summer to participate in day camps, art camps, dance camps, sports camps, sleep-away camps, tech camps... you get it.

One great option is Adventure Day Camp at Boardman Park. I have sent both of my kids to this camp - they love it...they chatter on all the way home about the activities, and their friends, and the counselors, then they crash from all the outdoor activity - it's great!

From Boardman Park:

We spend most of our time outside with our campers!! Kids stay active by participating in daily scheduled educational programs focusing on...Arts & Crafts: Daily art lesson and hands-on craft projects. Team Building: Build relationships and work on problem-solving skills. Creative Arts: Play, act, impersonate and have a ball using your imagination.Science: Become adventurers and discover nature through hands-on trips into the woods and to the creek. Sports: We keep campers active with lots of games. It’s PE class outside every day!

How are the kids divided into groups?
-They are generally separated by their grade level they just finished when they are in sessions (Art/Creative arts/Science/Team Building/Sports), but will be intermixed during their free time at the beginning of the camp day, lunch, recess and free time at the end of the day.  The campers are identified as to which group they are in by their colored wrist bands which they receive in the morning when they are checked in.

What is the ratio of staff to campers?
-Each group has a Group Leader who is with their campers the majority of the day,  group leaders lead their groups to the Instructors which are the staff who are teaching the specific subject. We also have CTs which are counselors in training who help assist the group leaders and instructors.

Can parents pay by the day or just by the week?
-At this time the Park is still charging by the week. Your son/daughter doesn't have to attend everyday but the rate is not prorated for only attending partial weeks.

What does a camper have to bring with them?
-Campers are to bring a lunch, water bottle and sun screen

Is there refrigeration for lunches?
-No, but most campers bring their packed lunches in "igloo" coolers or any type of thermal cooler bag.  Lunches also stay in the shade in the pavilion. Water bottles may be refilled throughout the day at either of our koolaid/water stations provided. The Camp also provides a mid-morning snack.

Where do Parents drop off and pick up their campers?
-Parents will check in their student in the morning and sign them out in the afternoon in the Masters Pavilion (open air pavilion next to the Bocce courts).

Are kids out in the sun all day?
-No, camper safety is our number one concern, many of our sessions are covered or are in a shaded area.  In case of rain we do have blinds on the Pavilion to create an "enclosed" building. In the event of a strong storm or extreme temperatures the Camp will make every effort to get campers into a facility.  

Do you offer early drop off/ late pick up?
-We offer aftercare early drop off; can be as early as 7:30am (hour & half before camp), late pick up is as late as 4:30pm. There is a fee of $2 per extension and day.

What are "Water days"?
-Since the Park does not have a pool on premise we host "water days" at camp every couple of weeks, where we do water/messy games & activities at each session. These days will be announced before hand and students will be given a list of what they can bring on that day.  "Water Days" are pendent upon the weather.

How do Parents find out what their child is doing at camp?

-Boardman Park’s Adventure Camp tries to keep the Parents in the know of what is happening at camp with pictures taken throughout the day and uploaded daily onto our Adventure day camp Facebook page and Google pictures. If you use Google Calendars Parents can upload the Boardman Park calendar and be kept up to date on the calendar of events for the Park as well as for the camp.   Links can be found on our camp website at